Welcome to our website!

Hello everyone, Well another year is here and I have all kinds of stuff in store for your enjoyment. New software should allow me to turn out more songs then ever so you will not be hearing the same thing every time you come by. Plus we will be running in full show mode this year as well so keep coming by the site for more information. Almost complete now and hope to go into show mode this weekend, just a few more items to tweak.

Thanks for checking us out on the web, I'm glad you came by. I hope your visit provides you everything you were looking for and more. If it doesn't then please fell free to email me so I can be of more assistance to you.

So what is Christmas with the Allan's all about? Well it's about allowing us to provide you with one of the most interesting Christmas light displays in the area. You see every year we put up a light display that is syncronized to music that is broadcast over FM 87.9. You can actually watch the display come to life right in front of your eyes.

This year we plan on around 40,000 Christmas lights and 176 channels with new animated creatations and a few surrprises.

So if you happen to be in the Burlington NC area and you have a few minutes please come on by and see us. If you happen to be passing by well we are very close to I-40 / I-85 and it would be worth the 2 minutes it takes to reach us from exit 145